Do you buy expensive specialty gourmet coffees only to end up with youíre coffee tasting like wet paper from brewing with paper filters? Do you end up with sediment in your cup using metal or gold filters that let all but the largest coffee grounds slip through leaving  your coffee tasting like it came from a tin cup?

Why not use a filter that lets you taste and enjoy the true aroma of your coffee, one that is re-usable, earth  friendly, cost saving, virtually indestructible, and both environmentally and health friendly.

Fits all popular electric coffee machines

Melitta, Krups, Braun, Oster, GE, Mr. Coffee and many other coffee makers that use paper filters.

Finally there is a gourmet re-usable coffee filter on the market that makes sense....

Eco Filter is made of 100% natural tightly woven cotton that  filters out all, but the most aromatic, smoothest tasting coffee possible.  Aroma is what Eco Filters deliver best. Easy to use, clean and its durability are considered itís unique advantages over all other coffee filters.

 A filter with environmental integrity

Easy to use and easy to clean. Simply rinse out coffee grounds. The filter needs only be rinsed between uses. No need to wash or dry between immediate re-using. If you feel like giving one a sudsing, toss it in the dishwasher.
For your convenience, Eco Filter is packaged with TWO Filters in each package
 $12.99 (2 filters). All orders shipped within 48 Hrs.